Statues and nativity sets


This technique is based on different layers of fibreglass. Fibreglass is a very light and shock-resistant material which makes the final products easy to transport. Furthermore, fibreglass is weather-resistant, hence suitable for products to be displayed outdoors. The only downside is that sunlight may cause colours to fade. To prevent this, it is preferable to apply white or bronze-coloured tint.


For products of considerable size we use linden tree while for smaller objects cirmolo wood is preferable. These types of wood have a good resistance but at the same time they are easy to carve allowing very detailed works. All wood used is dried and specifically treated to avoid cracks. All decorations are made with oil colours. Wooden products are in general suitable for indoors.

Wooden paste

The paste is made from plaster mixed with wood powder and jute. This material has been used since the end of the 19th century as is typical of the ‘Spanish style’. All statues have crystal eyes and can be richly decorated . Wooden paste statues are suitable for indoors.